Headlight Activated and Radio Wave Technologies


     Headlight activation is the concept of turning devices “on” and “off” through the headlights of oncoming motor vehicles or other light sources for the purpose of conserving power or preventing battery depletion. The use of radio wave can accomplish the same goals. This technology can be useful in a wide range of devices. ALTACAS TECHNOLOGY has been awarded patents to develop such devices.    

Headlight Activated Roadside Safety Triangle


     "Auto-Flash" is one such device already fully developed. This portable device is the next generation vehicle emergency flasher. It is the world’s first multi-patented “headlight activated” all night  emergency flasher made with reflective material, especially designed to improve highway safety by increasing the visibility of “nighttime” and unattended “overnight” roadside vehicles while preventing battery depletion.

     Simply place device on, near, or inside (rear dashboard) vehicle. A stand with suction cup feet adheres to various surfaces. When headlights of oncoming traffic strike Auto-Flash’s sensitive sensors, highly visible LED lights (yellow) automatically flash in both directions to safely alert oncoming motorist of roadside vehicles. Once activated, the light flashes for 10 seconds unless reactivated by the headlights of other approaching vehicles.

     Auto-Flash automatic attention getting “on” and “off” operations significantly decreases chances roadside vehicle will be overlooked by inattentive drivers especially during adverse weather conditions. It also has a 24-hours optional mode for continuous flashing operation.

Special Features:

  • Highly sensitive sensors detects headlights in both directions
  • When left in sensor mode on “overnight” vehicles, it automatically deactivates during the day and automatically reactivates at night
  • 24-hours optional mode for continuous flashing operation.
  • Highly visible flashing LED lights has lifetime expectancy
  • Battery conserving features outlast vehicles conventional hazard systems
  • Can continually flash for “several weeks” using a 12 volts adapter cord that plugs into cigarette lighter of a vehicle’s battery
  • For enhanced visibility, up to four units can be interconnected using one adapter cord as power source
  • Six 1.5 volts AA backup batteries allows unit to flash continuously for days (100 Hours)
  • Unit is small, lightweight, sturdy, weatherproof, and easy to use and store

Ideal Uses:

  • Roadside vehicles: disabled, RV campers, 18-wheelers, sleepovers
  • Overnight curbside vehicles parked at home or at work
  • Nighttime roadside vehicles during sporting events, church gatherings, public and social events
  • Identifying boaters, campers, hikers, and hunters at night
  • Recognizable, identifying beacon for emergency vehicles
  • Replacement for disposable flares
  • Law Enforcement Vehicles
  • Military vehicles
  • Package delivery vehicles (UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc.,)
  • 911 home emergencies
  • Highway maintenance vehicles

Advantage over vehicles’ standard hazard systems

     During prolonged stays, the continual flashing of vehicles’ standard built-in hazard systems can quickly deplete the batteries of roadside vehicles, making them a danger to approaching motorists. Auto-Flash’s automatic “on” and “off” headlight activation operations helps to eliminate this problem by conserving battery power.

     When in sensor mode, Auto-Flash further conserves battery power by automatically activating during the night and deactivating during the day. Its low-power consumption during 24 hours optional mode operation allows several weeks of continuous flashing without depleting vehicle‘s battery.

     With Auto-Flash’s automatic and attention getting “on” and “off” operations, roadside vehicles will always have the means to identify their exact locations to oncoming traffic without the concerns of depleting batteries. This technology can be factory installed in motor vehicles.

Highway Tested

     Auto-Flash has been tested on the interstate with 100% detection result. Detection range reached up to 1,000 feet.

Professionally Evaluated

     Auto-Flash has been professionally evaluated by Innovation Institute in Missouri to evaluate its commercialization potential  in the marketplace. They rated our product superior to existing flashers. 
Successfully Tested by Law Enforcement’s Traffic Control Division

     Several years ago, an officer at the traffic control division of Richland County Sheriff Department of South Carolina tested Auto-Flashs' flashing light visibility and headlight activation capability on its driving range. The test results were 100% successful—the illumination of the light exceeded his expectation. The examining officer said: “It lit up the range.”

Licensing or Sale

Auto-Flash and its headlight activation technology are available for licensing or sales. If interested, please contact us.