ALTACAS Technology is a newly launched and diversified research and development enterprise mainly created to promote an advance technology in aviation safety called “Aerial, Landing, & Takeoff Crash Avoidance System” (ALTACAS).

     This venture was also launched to promote a patented headlight activated emergency light system for motor vehicles called “Auto-Flash,” and a patented headlight activated traffic sign flasher called "Sign-Flash."  Both devices enhances highway safety.

   We also specialize in pioneering, conceptualizing, researching, and patenting other ground-breaking products and making these innovations available for licensing or sales to related industries.

   Presently we have plans to research, develop, and patent products related to automotive and highway safety, locomotive safety, family entertainment, home security, hand tools, home furniture, and residential building industries. We also are researching products geared toward the physically-impaired; oceanography, and personal grooming and household items.