Research & Development

   Within the next decade, ALTACAS Technology envisions itself as a multi-billion dollars world-class corporation with a highly regarded research and development center that develops groundbreaking products. Its CEO and chief engineer is a visionary, and has nearly 30 innovative products in the conceptual stage. Some of these products will be revolutionary.

   To illustrate the visionary aspect of our chief engineer, during the process of patenting our headlight activation technology equipped with radio wave tech communication, an examiner at the Patent and Trademark office commented in the late 1990s that our chief engineer was the first in the field to introduce the concept of motor vehicles interacting with each other through headlight activation technology and radio wave communication. 
   Moreover, our chief engineer has dialogued with local inventors who have astounding product ideas, but no funds to research, patent, develop, and market their ideas. As R&D funds become available, ALTACAS Technology plans to research, patent, develop, and market these innovative products on behalf of the inventors as joint ventures ; or offer licensing rights or sales to interested licensees or buyers.