Portable Automatic Traffic Sign Safety Flasher

     Sign-Flash is a multi-patented device that introduces an innovative method of improving highway safety (especially in rural areas where electricity is not readily available) by equipping existing passive traffic signs such as stop signs, railroad crossing signs, yield signs, curve signs, ice-on-bridge signs, and other potentially hazardous highway locations with easily installed battery operated LED warning light apparatuses that are activated either by: (1) headlights, (2) motion, (3) laser reflection (4) microwave reflection, (5) radio wave, or (6) invisible Infrared. Sign-flash is recharged by solar power.  
     SIGN-FLASH provides a permanent cost effective means of enhancing highway safety during the day and/or night by helping to prevent collisions between vehicles at intersections, vehicles and trains at rail-highway grade crossings, and vehicles and roadside stationary objects along highways (bridge railings, etc,),

Why Use Sign-Flash

     Because there are so many traffic signs frequently seen along the highways it is very likely some motorists will carelessly overlook these warnings and potentially lifesaving apparatuses. However, studies have shown that signs with flashing lights are more effective in attracting the attention of oncoming traffic than passive signs. For this reason, flashing hazard lights are installed on passive road signs to assist in attracting the attention of oncoming motorists.
     Sigh-Flash is primarily designed to improve highway safety by automatically operating a visible flashing hazardous light at rural or urban traffic signs and other potentially hazardous highway locations after detecting oncoming traffic.
     Once traffic is detected, the flashing LED light stays on for 10 seconds unless reactivated by other approaching vehicles. Sigh-Flash can automatically deactivate during the day and automatically reactivate during the night; or it can monitor continuously. Sigh-Flash’s “on” and “off” attention-getting operations increase motorist awareness to any oncoming traffic sign for enhanced highway safety. The chances of traffic signs being inadvertently overlooked by inattentive drivers are significantly decreased, especially during rain, fog, snow, and other adverse weather conditions.

Advantages over Conventional Flashing Lights

      As stated earlier, highway safety officials, in an effort to prevent accidents and improve highway safety, have installed flashing hazard lights on passive road signs to assist in attracting the attention of oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, these conventional hazard lights for road and railroad crossing signs require electrical installations that can be cumbersome and expensive, thereby limiting there usage on many rural highways and rail-highway grade crossings in rural communities—especially on rural highways where electricity may not be readily available.
     Another disadvantage of conventional flashing hazard lights is the monthly cost of electricity the state and taxpayers must pay to utility companies just to operate these continuously flashing lights for 24-hours, 7 day a week. This problem led me (The Inventor) to develop SIGN-FLASH. It was designed: (1) to operate on a long-lasting battery recharged by solar power, (2) for easy installation, thereby eliminating the cost of electrical installations, (3) to eliminate the monthly cost of electricity, and (4) to be inexpensive to purchase.
     Furthermore, Sigh-Flash provides better attention-getting means to oncoming traffic than the continual flashing of conventional hazard lights, which can be become so routine that they can be overlooked. The “off” then suddenly “on” operations of Sigh-Flash immediately draws the curiosity and attention of oncoming motorists to a particular road sign.

Special Features

      Sign-Flash is a small, portable, sturdy, compact, lightweight, and weatherproof device  that has a design and color similar to existing electrical traffic sign safety flashers with the following features:

  • It has a very sensitive sensor that detects oncoming traffic in one direction by: (1) headlights, (2) motions, (3) laser reflection, or (4) microwave reflection, (5) radio wave, or (6) infrared.
  • It has a visible flashing LED light that has lifetime expectancy.
  • It does not need electricity; its power source is derived from a dry cell battery recharged by solar power.
  • It has an internal switch that allows the device to operate in either “sensor mode” or “continuous mode.” It has battery-powered, power-conserving, and solar powered features that allow uninterrupted performance.
  • It features a unique housing design that is easily mounted with tamper-proof fasteners to the metal horizontal shaft of any existing highway traffic sign.
  • It is easily transferable to other traffic sign locations.

Licensing and Sales

Sign-Flash is available for licensing or sales. If interested, please contact us.